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Our organisation was established with the inspiration of a summer camp experience, which instilled a profound appreciation for the summer camp culture. Our objective is to facilitate the opportunity for individuals who share similar interests to partake in the summer camp experience in America. The objective of the USA Summer Camp programme is to provide a remarkable summer camp encounter while maintaining an exceptional standard of customer service.

After a decade, our fervour to assist numerous individuals in realising their summer camp aspirations in America remains unwavering. This experience can only be comprehended through personal encounters.

It is advisable not to spend one’s summer at home, as we have done in the past. The purpose of human existence is to engage in exploration and gain exposure to the world around us.

We are the leaders of the summer camp.

By selecting an exceptional programme such as this, we can establish ourselves as leaders in the summer camp industry. Our organisation has facilitated the participation of more than 20,000 individuals in summer employment opportunities abroad at various camps. Additionally, the collective experience of our office staff amounts to over 30 summers spent working at such camps.

The USA Summer Camp programme offers a promising summer experience in the United States, competitive compensation, and adaptable travel arrangements. We possess the knowledge and expertise to provide adequate care for your needs.

The USA Summer Camp programme provides participants with the opportunity to exercise autonomy in selecting from a range of adaptable flight alternatives. The user is presented with the option to select either an inclusive flight package or to independently arrange their own air travel. Making decisions is within your purview and under your authority. We are pleased to offer the option of arranging and financing your round-trip airfare to the summer camp. Alternatively, if you prefer to independently secure the most cost-effective and suitable flight arrangement, you may opt for the package without airfare. Some summer camp providers may require the flight package and impose extra fees, whereas we aim to offer both choices to ensure flexibility for our clients.

The authority to make a decision is being bestowed upon you.

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