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Renshinkan England follows the teachings of Isamu Tamotsu, the founder of Shorinjiryu Renshinkan, Iwao Tamotsu, the Nidaime (second successor) Grand Master, and our current Grand Master, Sandaime (third successor), Yuzo Tamotsu, 10th Dan. Renshinkan was founded in England in 1985, and is led by Kyoshi Julia Turley (6th Dan), who is completely committed to teaching traditional budo with all of its many challenges and joyous rewards. Julia teaches full-time, having left a successful career in local government in 2002 in order to commit fully to her practice.   She is deeply committed to following, maintaining and growing this traditional art in the United Kingdom. Renshinkan England is an honourable and skilful karate school with true depth of character, based upon the ancient wisdom of Okinawan budo. We strive to continually improve our character; working hard at uniting our heart mind and body.

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