Counting King is a nationwide tax and financing practice that assists businesses in improving their cash flow through the application for grants, the utilisation of government tax incentives, the use of financial choices like business loans, and other means.

To help the United Kingdom grow its economy and establish itself as a worldwide leader, we place a premium on cutting-edge businesses that are actively seeking to expand and disrupt their respective industries. We believe we can assist the UK compete and perhaps win against European or global competitors by locating items that invest in your business. A quick discussion with one of our advisors might get you thousands of dollars in finance if you and your business are in need of a financial infusion.


Governments offer tax credits for research and development (R&D) to businesses as an incentive for spending money on scientific inquiry. By lowering or reimbursing taxes, these credits are meant to incentivize innovative business practices.

While the specifics of research and development (R&D) tax credits may vary by country, in most cases, they can be used to offset the costs of creating novel goods, services, or technologies. Salary costs, consultant rates, material costs, and capital expenditures on R&D tools are all allowable.

Despite the failure of their R&D efforts, many businesses nevertheless qualify for R&D tax benefits. This is so because the emphasis is on the process rather than the result.

In sum, R&D tax credits are an efficient method to motivate businesses to spend money on R&D, which can result in the development of novel products, a competitive advantage, and overall economic growth.

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