The Renegades

“It’s completely mad”… “Awesome”…”We have so much fun”…” are just some of the verdicts delivered by the young members of The Renegades Youth Club.

The Renegades is an exciting and unusual youth group open to children in the catchment area of the Weald school in Billingshurst. Born out of the Scout movement but with a freer and more creative approach, it is open to any child aged 10 – 18.

“Our ambition is to set fire to the children’s creative minds and their imaginations. We want to take them to places and do activities with them that they will remember for the rest of their lives,” says Group Leader Gareth Miller. “The purpose of the club is to help develop the children through providing information and education in a fun way, through leisure opportunities and by actively involving the members in the running of the club, their community and wider society.”

But most of all it is just pure fun! From archery and astronomy to carpentry and camping, via drama, night hikes and restoring a go kart… you name it and we do it! COVID safeguarded and determined to keep the children as active and engaged as possible, we offer both large mixed activity groups and specialist small group activities six days a week.

The Renegades are also in the process of planning a full year of professionally organised activities, with sailing, climbing and axe throwing top of the children’s very full ‘to do’ lists.
Recently, the Renegades young members found they had feet of clay…real clay. “The children voted that they wanted to make their own clay pots so we went on a bit of a hike to a spot on the river where we knew we could easily access the clay and where the children could then work with it,” says Gareth.
“It was a hoot. A few of them got into the river with me…some more than others…but they all loved the idea of living like their ancient ancestors and making household equipment.”
For peace of mind, The Renegades is a registered charity, all volunteers are DBS checked and there is full insurance in place.

Membership is £10 a month per child and anyone is welcome to come along for a taster session. Ring Gareth Miller now on 07801 862550, check out the website at or email to join the Renegades family.