Keep Southwater Green

Local residents will now be aware that a referendum of Southwater Parish voters is to held on 6th
May to obtain their approval for the Parish Council’s proposed Neighbourhood Plan. Voters should
be aware that if they do vote “Yes” they will not only approve the Plan’s Policy SP2.2, which
proposes to allow up to 450 homes to be built on Great House Farmland, but are likely to be seen by
HDC planners as implicitly endorsing the Local Plan Review proposal (from Berkeley Homes) for
800 more on what is left. The land to be allocated for housing development under Policy SP2.2 is
not identified on the relevant pages of either the HDC or SPC websites, so that the extent of what is
proposed emerges only from the Proposals Map at page 41 of the Plan, with further detail available
from the below map (included by Berkeley Homes in their statement to the Examiner at the public
hearing on the Plan in February 2020).