Scam Phone Calls

Like many other elderly people, I am nearly 80, I am receiving a lot of scam phone calls, it feel like they average one a day.  Fortunately I am still able to spot them and deal with them but there are many who cannot. A small space in the community section of your Community and Business Directory might help many. I sort the sheep from the goats and quickly get rid of the very aggressive calls by
  • insisting they wait while I find a pencil and paper,
I usually have to say ‘Wait, listen to me’ several times before they stop to give me time to find them and then I refuse to listen until I have written down
  • the caller’s name
  • the company being represented
  • and, most importantly, a contact phone number.
After asking for the contact phone number a scam caller usually leaves without even saying goodbye. A genuine caller will have no problem giving a contact number and someone representing the NHS or other government department that is unwilling to be contacted by the public by phone will offer some other form of contact, especially when it is explained that this is is being requested to avoid being scammed.
This is very simple to remember and to do and is very effective.
I look forward to seeing this in your directory, so many vulnerable people are being scammed