Free Introduction to Yoga Classes in Henfield

I’ve recently moved to Henfield so am starting my teaching here with a few weeks of free classes designed as an Introduction to Yoga.

Suitable for any age and EVERY body regardless of your level of fitness or how bendy you are. My classes are designed to help with mobility, improve flexibility, give confidence in balance and increase your overall strength. They are also great for stress relief and relaxation. Totally beginner-friendly but also useful basics for more experienced yogis.

The class venues are Tottington Manor and Corpus Christi Catholic Church Hall. These will be on Wednesday mornings, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Free classes with a voluntary donation towards room hire. Toddington Manor classes no donation but I suggest some of us stay afterwards for a chat and a coffee.

Limited spaces so please book now to secure your spot. No need to buy a yoga mat as I have plenty.