Mid Sussex Prostate Cancer Support Group are reaching out to all men especially, but not limited to, those aged over 50.  Some younger men, particularly those with a family history of prostate cancer and some men from black ethnic groups are also more likely to contract the disease.

We were established in 2012 as Haywards Heath Prostate Cancer Support Group and currently have an active membership of over 60 people (men and women) living all over Mid Sussex.  More than ever in these difficult times men and their partners need help in dealing with concerns about prostate cancer, so we are therefore actively encouraging more people to join us.  Between us our members have experienced most prostate cancer treatment options available from the NHS and are happy and willing to talk about our experiences to help inform other men with prostate cancer worries however personal or embarrassing these concerns may seem.

Mid Sussex Prostate Cancer Support Group is run by a small, dedicated committee.  Regular meetings are held where men can compare treatments and any side effects and to generally encourage a positive attitude to dealing with the disease.  Speakers at our meetings include a wide range of professionals from the NHS for example Oncologists, Urologists, MacMillan nurses and Radiographers.  These speakers are mostly from local hospitals and give details of current treatment options and new ones being developed.  Other cancer support organisations such as PCUK and Tackle also support our knowledge base.  Our most recent meetings have been held in the privacy and comfort of members’ own living rooms via Zoom and have covered topics such as treatment options, proton beam therapy, erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

Over the last few months, whilst following Government guidelines for social distancing, we have kept in touch with members by phone and used a WhatsApp group to jointly exchange news and views. Another useful tool has been a weekly chatroom via Zoom, where members have been able to see, chat with and encourage each other. More recently with the lessening of Covid restrictions members have been able to meet safely face-to-face in small groups outdoors enjoying visits to the countryside and local farms for fresh air, light exercise and coffee.

We have an active and informative website, which gives details of upcoming meetings.  The website also has descriptions of several members’ own personal prostate cancer experiences, as well as links to the major prostate cancer charities.

New Committee member Rob, who was diagnosed five years ago by his GP at Park Surgery in Horsham, went through his first operation to remove his prostate without being a member of any support group. He met our group Chair, Brian whilst undergoing radiotherapy treatment at Preston Park in Brighton and subsequently joined the group. Rob has found that being a member and being able to talk to other sufferers has enabled him to put his own problems into perspective and gain as much knowledge of the disease as possible.  Joining Mid Sussex Prostate Cancer Support Group enabled him to gain personal, in-depth knowledge of the treatment options being offered to him and their likely side effects, thus helping enormously with the decision-making process.  Rob’s and other members’stories can be found on the website.

If you, or your partner, would like help and support with any worries about prostate cancer – including getting a PSA test, dealing with diagnosis and choosing treatment, coping with side-effects or just not feeling alone in dealing with prostate cancer, get in touch with Mid Sussex Prostate Cancer Support Group, and we’ll do our best to help you.

Remember prostate cancer is TREATABLE AND BEATABLE!

Please contact Brian chair@midsussexprostate for further information or telephone 07919 949 318