New surface dressing treatment programme in West Sussex completed

West Sussex County Council have completed a £1.8m surface dressing treatment programme on 71.7km (44.5 miles) of roads. As part of the programme, 33.2km (20.6 miles) of roads were treated with a surface sealant which will further prolong the life of the dressing on roads and minimise the risk of early failures.

The new surface sealant, applied using a spray tanker, was used to stabilise the surface dressing, minimising loose surface aggregate flying off and causing damage to passing vehicles. It will also help to reduce issues associated with aftercare, especially on high-speed roads, due to this minimising of loose chippings.

West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Councillor Joy Dennis, said: “Using a surface sealant to finish our road resurfacing works has helped them to be finished to a higher standard and have a consistent appearance with a smooth black look.

“Prolonging the life of the dressing will also help to prevent the formation of potholes and minimise disruption to road users.”

The works are in line with our Council Plan aim of supporting a sustainable and prosperous economy through providing a safer, more efficient and overall resilient transport network.