Issues with some road repairs in Horsham set to be rectified

In March this year West Sussex County Council’s contractor Colas Ltd used micro-asphalt to resurface a number of roads in Horsham. Issues with this work have been identified and will be rectified by the contractor this summer.

Micro-asphalt is a preventative treatment where a thin asphalt mixture is laid in liquid form over an existing road surface. It is used on roads that are showing early signs of deterioration but are not yet suffering from more serious defects such as potholes. It requires time to ‘bed in’ after being laid, where the material will harden, smooth out and the appearance improve significantly.

More information about micro-asphalt can be found on our website:

However, in this instance the material has not hardened up as it should and has resulted in ruts and divots forming from the weight of cars driving on the road. Colas have identified that the machinery used to spread the material had a faulty flow sensor which resulted in too much liquid being present in the mixture. This combined with the wet weather during March resulted in the issues.

So far the County Council is aware that the following roads in Horsham have been affected by this fault:

– Gorse End
– Erica Way
– Broome Close
– Holmbush Close
– Owlcastle Close
– Goosegreen Close
– Barnsnap Close.

Colas are investigating other roads where this particular piece of equipment was used, to check for potential irregularities.

Cllr Joy Dennis, Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “Colas have agreed to strip back and re-lay the micro-asphalt in the affected roads at the end of their current schedule of works in West Sussex.

“It is disappointing that the works on these roads will need to be redone but I assure residents that this will come at no extra cost to the council.”

Once dates and times of the work have been confirmed all affected residents will be notified via letters.