Last chance to sign up for West Sussex County Council’s Solar Together Sussex scheme

Residents have until 26 May to sign up to our popular scheme that helps households switch to clean, renewable energy.

By signing up to Solar Together Sussex, residents can find out whether their home is suitable for solar panels and a battery system to generate and store clean electricity. Electric vehicle (EV) chargers are also available.

Once registered, each customer receives a personal recommendation from a pre-vetted, industry-accredited solar installer setting out the system size, its type and cost. Customers can choose to accept or decline the offer without obligation and those that accept go on to have a technical survey.

More than 1,700 systems have already been installed under two previous Solar Together Sussex rounds and demand is higher than ever this year with approximately 9,000 households already registered.

Customers who decide to go ahead with an installation have the reassurance of knowing that the work is delivered to a high standard and that the price is competitive due to the large volume of installations in the county under the scheme.

Cllr Deborah Urquhart, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, said: “Concern about climate change and volatile energy prices has contributed to interest in Solar Together Sussex being higher than ever this year. The scheme offers our residents a straightforward, no obligation way to access a competitive offer from a trusted supplier.

“The solar panels we’ve already installed on Sussex rooftops through this scheme already have a generation capacity equivalent to one of our solar farms, and this is something we are keen to build on by encouraging as many residents as possible to consider solar power.”

Solar Together Sussex is supported by all Sussex local authorities and delivered in conjunction with iChoosr, who are experts in group buying.

The scheme aligns closely with the County Council’s core aim of tackling climate change which underpins the Council Plan. The authority also has an ambition to reach net zero carbon emissions from its own operations by 2030.