Praise for Shoreham home where children are well supported

Job opportunities are available to work with children at Breakwater and our other children’s homes across West Sussex. Click on the link at the bottom of this story to find out more

A children’s home run by West Sussex County Council has been praised for its good work and the progress its young people are making.

Breakwater in Shoreham has been given an overall rating of ‘Good’ by Ofsted following a two-day inspection in December 2022.

The rating means all five of the County Council’s children’s homes in West Sussex are currently judged to be either Good or Outstanding by Ofsted.

Breakwater supports up to six children aged 12 to 18 who have social, emotional and mental health needs.

In the newly published report, inspectors found that:

• Children were well supported by skilled staff who are attentive to their needs
• Children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing are given priority
• Staff support children to maintain relationships with those who matter most to them
• The effectiveness of leaders and managers is good

In the three months since the December inspection took place, West Sussex County Council has worked to address some areas the inspectors noted in the report which require improvement in the way children are helped and protected at Breakwater.

Opportunity to fulfil their potential

Jacquie Russell, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “We’re working hard to ensure that every child in West Sussex has the opportunity to fulfil their potential while keeping them safe from vulnerable situations.

“It’s hugely encouraging that Ofsted has recognised Breakwater as a good home. Together with our other homes, I’m proud to say we’re creating environments where we’re putting the needs of our children first. I’d like to congratulate staff at Breakwater and thank them for their ongoing dedication and hard work.

“We are never complacent when it comes to caring for vulnerable children and we are already taking action to make the improvements identified.

“The County Council is investing significant funding in our in-house residential provision which has seen the renovation of Breakwater alongside two of our other homes to date. We are about to commence refurbishing our other homes, to offer a range of accommodation and support to meet the varying needs of our children across the county.”

Recognising the significant improvements made to the home and outdoor areas, the report calls Breakwater ‘spacious, well-furnished and well resourced’ with an outdoor space which ‘provides opportunities for children to enjoy games and meals together’.

Work in our Good and Outstanding children’s homes

Job opportunities are currently available to make a difference working with children in Breakwater and our other good and outstanding homes across West Sussex.