Council supports renewal of Manor Royal BID

West Sussex County Council endorses the renewal of Manor Royal’s Business Improvement District (BID) for another five years.

The Manor Royal Business District is the most strategically significant business park in the county, making a significant contribution to the economy of West Sussex through being home to approximately 500 businesses which support 30,000 jobs.

The Manor Royal Business District is a significant component of the Crawley Growth Programme, which is the delivery arm of the Crawley Growth Deal. Working in partnership with Crawley Borough Council, the Manor Royal BID and West Sussex County Council, the Crawley Growth Programme has allowed for the aggregation and alignment of public and private funds to deliver key infrastructure needs in Crawley.

This partnership has delivered concrete benefits for the businesses in Manor Royal and the residents of Crawley. These include:

• Manor Royal Highways Improvements including the Gatwick Road Roundabout
• Churchill Court, a renovated office space and business campus
• Upgrading of Manor Royal’s busiest access point
• Installation of digital signs in Manor Royal

After each five-year term, businesses must vote again to renew the BID or it will close and stop delivering services. This voting round will ensure the BID continues until 2028.

In line with Our Council Plan to support and grow a sustainable and prosperous economy, West Sussex County Council fully endorses the renewal of the BID for another term and hopes that the majority will vote in favour, allowing the Crawley Growth Programme to continue to deliver for the residents of Crawley and the businesses of Manor Royal.

Cllr Paul Marshall, Leader of West Sussex County Council said: “We are delighted to confirm our support and endorsement for the renewal of the Manor Royal BID. The partnership between West Sussex County Council, the Manor Royal BID and Crawley Borough Council has delivered tremendous benefits to the residents and businesses of Crawley and West Sussex as a whole and we look forward to working with the BID in the long term, further strengthening our partnership and continue delivering growth and opportunities in Crawley.”

Steve Sawyer, Executive Director for the Manor Royal BID said: “We have developed an excellent relationship with the County Council that has delivered tangible improvements for Manor Royal many times over. The list is impressive and includes faster broadband, refurbished pavements, improved public realm, digital screens, transport infrastructure upgrades and support for decarbonising Manor Royal through the creation of a locally owned renewable energy community. I am very grateful to the Leader of the County Council for pledging his support to our new Business Plan and the future of the Manor Royal BID.”