Our MP Nus Ghani where is she ?

Can anybody tell me where our MP has been in the last year or so, as I watch quite frequently the Parliament Channel on TV and have as yet to see her in any debates. She obviously appears to cast her vote for the Government on not stopping sewage being dumped in our river Uck and elsewhere. Also Failed to attend a meeting with Southern Water in London last year when the MP’s for Bexhill Merriman, Worthing and Lewes Caulfield summoned SW to appear over pollution of the seas off the South Coast.
Where is she? What is she doing to represent the concerns of her constituents and not just that of the Government ?


  1. Robert De’Ath
    Robert De’Ath says:

    I agree with this observation, whilst one can applaud
    Ms Ghani’s work for community causes these are easy wins in pleasing the locals. We think an MP is someone to be regarded with an elevated status but actually they are our agents in Parliament and we need to see and hear them representing all our views.