Avoid an elf and safety disaster this Christmas

Chichester firefighters have teamed up with their resident elf in a new campaign to keep residents and their loved ones safe from fire when saving money on their energy bills.

The fire station will provide advice on a range of topics, not by stealth but by elf! The subjects range from: purchasing counterfeit goods, using domestic appliances at night and drying clothes indoors.

The campaign, which launched on 1 December, uses the fire station’s elf on a shelf to highlight some of the potentially dangerous things that people may do to save money this winter.

Joe Dubben, Firefighter at Chichester Fire Station said: “Christmas can be an expensive time, and understandably people are going to be looking at ways they can save money on their energy bills to help keep costs to a minimum. However, sometimes saving money and fire risks go hand in hand, so we want to make sure that people can safely celebrate during the festive period.

“We’re hoping that our good friend elf on a shelf will help us to share the messages far and wide, with a good sprinkle of Christmas cheer for good measure!”