Important information for bird keepers in the Arundel area

The Government has declared a three kilometre controlled zone in the Arundel area.

There has been a confirmed outbreak of a highly infectious strain of avian influenza near to Arundel.

Captive Bird Controlled Zone Declared

The Government has declared a three kilometre controlled zone around the place where the disease has been confirmed to help prevent its spread. If you fall within the blue circle in the map above and if you have poultry or other birds present at your premises you must follow legally enforced conditions that apply within this zone. The avian influenza found in this area is caused by a strain that is adapted for birds and presents very low risk to human health.

Although all birds in the UK must be housed OR prevented from mixing with wild birds by the use of netting, in the controlled zone YOU MUST HOUSE THEM unless advised netting is permissible by an Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) vet.

More information on the enhanced bio-security and other requirements can be found at

Action for bird keepers

To help us gain an accurate picture of captive birds in the area, and assess and control the risks appropriately, we are asking all keepers of birds who have not registered on the poultry register to call us on 01243 642104 as soon as possible before the evening of Monday 28 November. You will be asked to give your name, address, number of birds and type, and if they are showing any signs of illness. Alternatively go to and complete the online form before the evening of 28 November.

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