There is still time to return unused walking aids at our Recycling Centres

People who have walking aids they no longer require can take them to County Council Recycling Centres from now until 23 October so they can be used to help others.

The initiative to promote the return and reuse of walking aids is being run by the County Council along with NHS England and partners.

Walking aids can be safely and quickly refurbished and repeatedly reused, reducing carbon emissions and waste and save the NHS money.

Equipment can be left with staff at the gate at any of the 11 Recycling Centres across West Sussex or deposited in the on-site dedicated bin until 23 October, which marks the end of Recycle Week. Any items unsuitable for reuse will be recycled.

The items will then be collected by our provider NRS, who will be able to clean and check them before reissuing them to those who might benefit so that they can maintain their independence. Any items which cannot be used again will be recycled, preventing them from going into landfill.

Amanda Jupp, Cabinet Member for Adults’ Services, said: “Having access to a walking aid such as a frame or stick can make a huge difference to some people. It can help them get around on their own and maintain their independence, which we know is very important to people based on what they tell us.

“That’s why I’d encourage anyone with walking aids that are no longer needed to return them please.

“Not only will this reduce the cost and the carbon emissions associated with producing new pieces of equipment, but it will also make a huge difference to someone else who might benefit from using them.”

Reusing a refurbished walking aid, including parts replacement, results in 87% lower carbon emissions on average than providing a brand new walking aid. This includes a generous allowance for a return journey from collection to a refurbishment site.

Recycling Centres will be able to accept walking aids until the end of Recycle Week, which will now take place from 17-23 October. To return items at all other times, telephone NRS on 0345 1272931 or email

If you are entering a site and bringing other waste with you, please note you may need to pre-book a slot, if required. Enter your postcode on our website to find your nearest Recycling Centre.