On-street parking permits go digital

On-street paper parking permits are set to be replaced with digital alternatives in East Grinstead.

Digital parking permits are already used in car parks across Mid Sussex, but from 6 September 2022 they will also be used for Controlled Parking Zones in East Grinstead.

With digital permits there is no need to display anything in the vehicle window – drivers simply purchase the permit online and receive an email notification once it is active.

There are no Controlled Parking Zones in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, or any other parts of Mid Sussex, so on-street residential or business parking permits are not required there.

Traditional paper permits will remain valid until they expire, at which point motorists will move over to the new digital system if they choose to renew. Resident, visitor, and business permits are available for purchase at www.midsussex.gov.uk/parking-travel/parking-permits/

The move away from paper and plastic permits is designed to benefit the environment, remove the time it takes to post a physical permit and reduce the risk of loss or theft. Once registered online with MiPermit, drivers will be able to upload documents, including proof of residence and vehicle registration, check the status of their permit, update vehicle details and purchase or manage visitor permits. Civil Enforcement Officers will be able to confirm if a vehicle has a valid digital permit via the vehicle registration number.

Jo Reid, Head of Contracts and Services at Mid Sussex District Council said:

“There are numerous benefits to using a digital permit system, including reducing the impact we have on the environment by not issuing paper and plastic permit holders. There is also added convenience for customers being able to manage parking at any time, rather than having to wait for physical permits to be produced and posted.

“Previous customer feedback has supported the move to digital permits, but we will always provide services which are suitable for everyone.”

Residents without online access will be able to request a paper application from Mid Sussex District Council’s Parking Services Team by calling 01444 477212 (option 2) or by emailing parkinginfo@midsussex.gov.uk

Those with unused paper visitor permits will still be able to use them after 6 September.

Healthcare permits valid across West Sussex Controlled Parking Zones will still be issued by paper until the rest of the county has transferred to digital permits. This is expected to be within the next eight months.