Billingshurst Community Speedwatch

Local Speed Watch Groups join forces to target the A272
The Billingshurst Speed Watch will be joining up with neighbouring speed watch
schemes in a simultaneous operation to reduce speeds on the A272.
Ode to a Road
Not since the publication of a biography of the A272 titled “An Ode to a Road” by
Dutchman Pieter Boogart has so much attention been focused on this particular
highway. Boogart describes his love affair with the A272, which he believes to be
one of the most beautiful of highways in England, bounded upon either side by a
rich tapestry of history, of which he writes profusely in delightful detail, as it
threads its way from Poundford in East Sussex, ending at Stockbridge in
Speedwatch Groups join forces
More recently however local Community Speed Watch schemes have become
alarmed by the apparent increase in the speed of vehicles including motor cycles.
The call for a concerted and joint action follows a plea from the Wisborough Green
speed watch group, who would like to see a link up of volunteers from Petworth,
Loxwood, Billingshurst and Wisborough Green in a joint effort to reduce the
incidence of excess speeding.
We are not the Police
The leader of the Billingshurst Speed Watch, Eric Bonner said: “We are not police
officers and we don’t enforce speed limits. We simply monitor speeds and advise
drivers accordingly in the hope of educating and influencing their road behaviour.”
It is believed the joining up of speed watch groups in a combined operation is a
first for road safety. The Billingshurst Speed Watch group is organised and
managed by the Billingshurst parish council.
Volunteers needed
Speed Watch volunteers are needed for speed monitoring duties, so anyone who
can give up just one hour or so of their time once a month are urged to join up.
Further information can be found on:
Alternatively contact the group administrator on 07768 081745 and ask to speak to