The majority of West Sussex Recycling Centres can now accept hard plastics

Following a successful trial, the majority of West Sussex Recycling Centres can now accept hard plastic items.

These items, such as garden furniture, coat hangers and plastic piping, have been accepted at some sites since the trial started in February, with around 70 tonnes collected each month. Some items are separated for re-use, while the remainder are broken down to pellet form, to make new plastic components.

Now, following positive feedback from residents, the scheme has been extended to all Recycling Centres, except Midhurst, which is unsuitable for these items to be collected there, due to the size of the site.

Staff at the centres will be able to direct residents to the new collection bins to deposit their hard plastic items, as some site layouts have changed to accommodate the extra bin. This extension will mean less reusable material is treated as waste, and broken or unusable items will get a new lease of life through recycling.

Deborah Urquhart, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, said: “We are very pleased to be able to extend this service to more Recycling Centres as the trial scheme proved very popular. We are always looking at ways to help residents reduce their waste, and with this new addition we are helping residents to recycle more.”

Hard plastic items, like those described above, are not collected in the household kerbside collections. However, plastic bottles and food packaging items like pots, tubs and trays are already accepted in kerbside collections and can continue to be placed there – just please make sure they are clean, dry and loose.

Our website includes an A to Z guide to recycling in West Sussex.