No BBQs in our parks, council reminds visitors

As the dry, hot summer continues, Crawley Borough Council is reminding visitors to its parks that barbecues are not allowed.

Thousands of people flock to our beautiful parks and gardens every week so the council is reiterating the ‘no BBQ’ message to protect its green spaces, woodlands and wildlife.

The recent weather has left all of the town’s green spaces extremely dry and at a very high risk of wildfires. Having a barbecue on dry ground could be very dangerous – just a small ember could cause a huge fire.

We have several beautiful parks – let’s keep them that way. Barbecues are not allowed in any of our parks and the fire risk now is higher than ever. In the last few weeks we’ve had to ask a family to put out their barbecue, which was lit under an old oak tree, seen a barbecue lit on a wooden jetty in Tilgate Park and hot coals discarded at Gainsborough Road Playing Fields in Tilgate. This is extremely dangerous and could have caused huge damage.

Councillor Chris Mullins

Cabinet member for Wellbeing

Crawley Borough Council

Grass fires can quickly get out of control so residents are urged to call 999 if they see any smouldering.