Next steps forward for Active Travel in Shoreham

Following a successful first round of public consultation, West Sussex County Council has been developing an Active Travel scheme for Shoreham.

Proposals for walking and cycling improvements in Nicolson Drive, Middle Road, Rectory Road, Park Avenue, Upper Shoreham Road and the southern end of Stoney Lane, will now be taken forward.

Nicolson Drive/Middle Road/Rectory Road Corridor:


The Council is keen to progress improvements to encourage walking and cycling on this corridor. The following elements have been shortlisted:

Reduce the size of junctions in Nicolson Drive, Middle Road, Rectory Road and the southern end of Stoney Lane. This will reduce speeds of turning vehicles, helping to control overall speeds, provide enhanced visibility for pedestrians and reduce the distance that they need to cross. Flush dropped kerbs will be provided with textured ‘tactile’ paving to assist people with pushchairs or those who have impaired vision or mobility.
Improvements to the surface of Middle Road and Rectory Road to encourage cycling, with smoother pavement surfacing in Middle Road to encourage young children to scoot to school.
Provide raised speed table junctions (converting mini roundabouts to T-junctions) at key junctions along the route and provide cycle by-pass facilities at “build-outs”, to restore priority to east west movements by cycle.
Convert Park Avenue (South of Park Road only) to a one-way (northbound) street with a contraflow (southbound) cycle route.
Widen Middle Road at its pinch-point between Adur Avenue and Adelaide Square to enable greater clearance between users and improve the flow of traffic.
Widen Stoney Lane between Chiltern Close and St Julians Close to enable greater clearance between users and improve the flow of traffic.

Upper Shoreham Road: active travel proposals will be progressed in two phases

Phase One:

The Council is keen to provide improved crossing facilities at a number of junctions on this corridor in Phase One. These would be designed to complement any future cycle lane scheme.

The improved crossing facilities would be at:

Upper Shoreham Road/St Nicolas Lane
Upper Shoreham Road/Downsway/Oxen Avenue
Upper Shoreham Road/Buckingham Road/ The Drive
Upper Shoreham Road/Park Avenue/Greenways Crescent (western arm)

These proposals will be subject to public consultation later in the year.

Phase Two:
Following the implementation and assessment of the success of Phase One, the Council will seek views on a revised Upper Shoreham Road cycleway scheme, from St Nicolas Lane to Park Avenue, connecting into the Middle Road corridor. This would aim to avoid areas where on-street parking loss would be contentious.


A West Sussex County Council spokesperson said: “We remain determined to continue to explore the potential for a cycleway scheme for Upper Shoreham Road, although it is only right to also point out that our investigations have revealed that even this revised scheme would cost approximately £6.5million. This is due to the extensive resurfacing and drainage works that would be required.

“However, we will speak to Active Travel England in the Autumn to explore the potential to progress a cycling scheme for Upper Shoreham Road in a Phase Two of improvement proposals.”