Work starts soon at Bewbush Manor Roundabout

A safety improvement scheme is set to start soon in West Sussex at a total cost of about £120,000.

Signage and road markings will be improved at Bewbush Manor Roundabout, Crawley, on its eastbound A264 Crawley Road, westbound A2220 Horsham Road, and southbound Sullivan Drive approaches. The works are scheduled to take place from 25 July to 24 August, with temporary lane closures during off-peak hours only.

Dedicated lane directions will be introduced to formalise turning manoeuvres at Bewbush Manor Roundabout (please see pdf attachment, below). Those on the eastbound A264 approach will direct Bewbush and Crawley-bound traffic onto the nearside lane, and Pease Pottage and M23-bound traffic directed onto the offside lane. Southbound Sullivan Drive traffic will be directed to the nearside lane for Crawley with both A264 routes accessible from the offside lane.

Vegetation will be cut back on the roundabout’s centre island and the eastbound A264 and westbound A2220 roundabout approaches to improve visibility at the junction and the clarity of road traffic signs.

This is the second phase of work at Bewbush Manor Roundabout following last year’s similar scheme on the northbound A264 Crawley southwestern bypass junction approach.