Community safety sessions focus on dogs

Horsham District Council’s Storrington and Sullington Neighbourhood Wardens, Alison Page and Chris Poore held their first community safety session at Sullington Warren, with a focus on dog safety.

The event was organised in association with the National Trust and dog behaviourists from Bone Canis and Ravendale to give advice on how to keep dogs safe, happy and well when out and about in the community.

The wardens often receive reports about dogs not being kept under control when off the lead or reports of dog fouling, so they took the opportunity to engage with dog owners and to offer free information and advice.

Alison and Chris handed out free dog poo bags, to encourage people to pick up after their dogs.

The National Trust rangers shared that in an area like the Warren, the “stick it and flick it” option can alter nutrients in the soil, so this should be avoided at all times. They also gave out advice on the wildlife of the Warren and how owners can help to protect the environment.

The behaviourists from Bone Canis and Ravensdale gave lots of advice to owners and had an arena set up should anyone want to do some work with them in an environment away from the distractions of other dogs running around.

Thanks go out to Gatleys pet shop in Storrington for providing free dog biscuits.

There will be another event on 6 September. For more details contact the Neighbourhood Wardens on

Dog fouling can result in a fine of up to £100 under the Public Space Protection Order, this includes on public footpaths.