Preliminary works start on northern section of the A284 Lyminster Bypass

Preliminary works have started on the project to build the northern section of the A284 Lyminster Bypass.

The works include:

Initial archaeological investigations
Installing the surface for the main works compound area
Widening the entranceway to the compound area, off Lyminster Road
For the safety of both the workforce and public, traffic management will be needed, with a southbound lane closure on Lyminster Road during off-peak times only, 9am to 4pm, from Wednesday 29th June until Friday 8th July. Please allow extra time for your journeys and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Construction of the northern section of the A284 Lyminster Bypass will boost the local economy, ease traffic congestion and provide strategic north-south access to and from the A27.

The scheme will link up with the recently-constructed southern section of the bypass to complete a new, 1.1-mile single carriageway running to the east of Lyminster and Wick villages and provide the highways infrastructure to support the provision of 1,260 new homes and 700 new jobs in the region.

More details about the project can be found on our Lyminster Bypass North web page.