‘Powerful visual message’ as COVID-19 signage removed

COVID-19 signage in the town centre and all neighbourhoods has been taken down by Crawley Borough Council.

The signage, which was installed in June 2020 when non-essential retail opened after the first lockdown restrictions were lifted, included floor vinyls, lamppost wraps and metal signs.

These signs – with messages about social distancing, mask wearing and contactless payments – remained up during further restrictions over the past two years to help provide guidance and make retail spaces safe for the return of shoppers.

The council’s Neighbourhood Services Team has been removing all of these signs from the town centre and neighbourhood parades over the past few days – with a little help from Councillor Michael Jones, Leader of the Council, and Councillor Atif Nawaz, Cabinet member for Planning and Economic Development.

The removal of this signage is a powerful visual message demonstrating that Crawley is well on the road to recovery. With restrictions having fallen away, we’re determined to promote the town centre and our neighbourhoods and make it clear that Crawley is fully open for business.

Cllr Atif Nawaz

Cabinet member for Planning and Economic Development

Crawley Borough Council