Air Quality Update

Storrington Air Quality Steering Group Update
The Storrington Air Quality Steering Group is a partnership between Storrington and
Sullington Parish Council, Horsham District Council, West Sussex County Council and other
stakeholders working to improve local air quality in Storrington.
The District Council has a duty to monitor and assess air quality. An annual report detailing
latest data is available on following link and this will be updated later in 2022;
The steps and measures introduced since the declaration of an Air Quality Management Area
(AQMA) and the public consultation on an Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) for Storrington plus
improvements in the vehicle fleet have resulted in significant improvements to air quality in
Pollution levels have continued to reduce year on year and, before the COVID pandemic,
there was only one location that was regularly above the annual average mean objective for
NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) in Storrington. This is at the junction of School Hill and Manleys Hill.
At this location NO2 reductions in 2020 reached about 20% on 2019 levels. This compares
with an estimated traffic reduction of approx. 22% observed on West Street. The roundabout
has shown an increase of 3% in nitrogen concentrations in 2021 and is now at borderline
level for compliance. The aim is to reduce the concentrations further to at least 10% below
the objective level.
Based on the trends observed across the whole of the air quality area it can be concluded
that the tightening of restrictions to parking and loading in West St and North Street, and the
lorry ban in School Hill – both implemented in 2019 – have contributed to the improvements
in air quality observed at Manleys Hill / School Hill mini-roundabout and on West Street.
However, as the COVID pandemic caused large reductions in traffic during the regional and
national lockdowns and led to reduced levels of air pollution in Storrington, it is difficult to
quantify the full effect of the new traffic restrictions.
During 2022 the Air Quality Steering Group will deliver a formal update of the Air Quality
Action Plan and assess when the Storrington AQMA is likely to achieve full compliance with
the air quality objectives.
It is good news that particulate matter monitoring resumed at the Storrington air quality station
in April 2022, and we are planning to hold an open day at the station to present the new
equipment. In the new Environment Act 2021, the government has shown commitment to
supporting local authorities in reducing the emissions of particulate matter, and the district
and local Councils welcome the work on new air quality guidance about to be published later
in the year.
The Steering Group will also continue to work with a wide variety of stakeholders to identify
future options and interventions to improve air quality in Storrington
For further information please contact Lee Money at HDC 01403 215410