Trafalgar residents urged to get on their bikes

Horsham District Council is delighted to announce that Trafalgar Neighbourhood Council has successfully been awarded a substantial contribution from its Community Climate Fund to help reduce carbon levels locally.

The Council launched the Horsham District Community Climate Fund in July 2020 to enable voluntary and community groups, as well as Parish and Neighbourhood Councils, to work on projects to reduce carbon footprints and improve our local environment.

The Neighbourhood Council was awarded some £2500 to encourage increased use of bicycles as a means of personal transport in Horsham District.

They will use the awarded funds to improve basic bike maintenance skills for local residents and encourage them to generally use their bikes more as a climate friendly alternative to cars.

Horsham District Council Cabinet Member for the Environment and Rural Affairs Cllr James Wright said:

This is a really good initiative which I am sure will prove popular with local people to build their confidence in using their bikes to get out and about instead of their cars. Reducing the number of short distance car journeys will do much to reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment. I would encourage as many of them as possible to ‘get on their bikes’ and do their bit to tackle climate change.

Horsham District Council Cabinet Member for Horsham Town Cllr Christian Mitchell said:

The facilities in and around Horsham town are second to none and many short journeys could be done by bicycle. This grant will go a little way to get more people to cycle and that can only be a good thing because it means we will have cleaner air and quieter roads for all of us. I’m delighted that Trafalgar Neighbourhood Council have succeeded in their grant application to the District Council for what will be a superb project.

Chair of Trafalgar Neighbourhood Council Morag Warrack added:

I’m so delighted that Horsham Trafalgar Neighbourhood Council can be helping cyclists feel confident to get out and about on the road. Everyone can enjoy groups like Horsham Cycling which support cycling for leisure, and this initiative will take things a step further, encouraging people to commute to work on their bikes as Horsham town can be easily cycled from the Trafalgar area. Overall the cleaner air will be of benefit to all of us in the long run.

This training is being delivered in partnership with Horsham’s Velo Square, a sustainable mobile bike maintenance & training service that operates from an e-cargo bike. For more information and to book a place for this or related activities, please visit

A new grant funding tranche is now available. Applications for this tranche will close on 13 May 2022.

Fund applications can be related to any of the following themes:

Energy – such as reducing consumption and increasing the use of renewable forms of energy
Water – such as reducing consumption and reducing the threats from flooding
Waste minimisation – reducing waste, reusing resources and recycling resources for example using composting bins
Biodiversity – increasing wildlife, such as the creation of pocket parks and community orchards
Sustainable transport – such as encouraging cycling and walking.

There are three levels of funds available:-

Up to £1,000
Up to £2,500 (which requires more information from the applicant)
Up to £5,000 (which requires match funding from the applicant).
The funds must be used for brand new projects, which will last beyond the funding provided by the Council, and include a commitment to inform the wider community about the project and encourage others to take action.

For more information about the Horsham District Community Climate Fund please email or visit our Community Climate Fund webpage