Stay safe when saving on energy bills

Firefighters are urging residents not to compromise on safety when trying to save on energy bills.

Last week West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service attended several incidents caused by candles being used as a source of heat and light.

Many are turning off their lights and central heating and moving over to using alternative methods to save money. However, the lighting of candles can pose significant fire safety risks and have devastating consequences if used incorrectly.

When using candles always keep the naked flame away from flammable materials, use a proper holder to keep candles upright and ensure they are placed on a heat resistant surface.

There are a number of fire safety best practices you can undertake which will likely help reduce your energy bills too. These include:

• Not leaving electrical appliances on standby.
• Unplugging items as soon as they’ve charged and when they’re not in use.
• Making sure that any open fires have fire guards.
• Getting your chimneys swept regularly.

Nicki Peddle, Head of Prevention, said: “If you’re thinking about saving money, please don’t compromise your safety in doing so. As a service we’re urging the public to be cautious when using candles, log burners and open fires to reduce the risk of harm.

“Smoke alarms are always the best line of defence for fire protection and they’re absolutely vital if you’re making use of cheap rate off-peak electricity. We understand this is a difficult time for many and we encourage people to keep themselves safe by always following our safety advice.”

More information on candle fire safety can be found on our website.

The West Sussex Affordable Energy website also gives countywide information home energy support that is available to you.