Natural meadows help wildlife to thrive

Mid Sussex District Council is setting aside more space in local parks and open spaces this summer to create natural meadow areas that encourage native insects, wildlife and grassland species to thrive.

Areas of open space will be left to grow throughout the spring and summer in 40 locations across Mid Sussex as part of the national Blue Campaign.

Lowland grass is an essential part of the UK’s ecological infrastructure, but it is in rapid decline. The Blue campaign is a conservation initiative that aims to rewild areas across Great Britain by allowing grass to grow naturally.

Local people will be able to spot the protected areas because they will each be marked with a blue heart symbol.

Councillor John Belsey, Mid Sussex District Council Deputy Leader said:

“The Blue Campaign is a fantastic initiative and I’m delighted that Mid Sussex District Council will once again be playing a part in rewilding Britain.

“We’ve supported the Blue Campaign for the past few years and over that time we’ve worked in consultation with the local community to gradually increase the number of natural meadow areas in Mid Sussex. By allowing areas of grass to grow naturally we can increase biodiversity, restore habitats and help different species of insects and animals to thrive.”

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