Ultra-Fast Broadband

Box Broadband
Box Broadband are deploying a 1-10 Gb/s “Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband Network” extensively
within the South of England, currently building to go live in April 2022 in Storrington under the
government project Gigabit initiative for urban and rural broadband connectivity.
Box Broadband are a local company, Head Quartered in Cranleigh Surrey, and originally funded
entirely from the private sector, recently acquired by the UK’s largest Alternative network
“Community Fibre”, which provides Box the ability to build coverage across some of the most rural
parts of Surrey, East and West Sussex and Hampshire, covering over 240,000 premises within the
next 3 years.
With broadband being such a key topic for Government and essential for the region, to ensure that it
isn’t left behind in the digital divide in support of business and residential users.
Having invested heavily in the new network build, we will now be marketing and taking orders for
immediate installations to deliver this long-awaited service and are looking forwards to engaging the
local community by scheduling a parish event, to talk through some of our plans and to understand
the full benefits of the Full Fibre Broadband Service
To find our more, please visit www.boxbroadband.co.uk
F&W Networks and Hey! Broadband.
F&W Networks and Hey! Broadband are two dynamic tech companies based in the UK, and we
would like to plan, build, and deploy a future-proof and gigabit-capable full-fibre (FTTP) network in
your community.
The UK government has launched Project Gigabit to deliver fast and reliable broadband to everyone
in the UK. It recognizes that the conventional copper lines that currently serve Storrington will not
be enough to support future technologies.
The excellent news is that Storrington is eligible to participate and take advantage of the Gigabit
Voucher Scheme programme.
The Gigabit Voucher Scheme is a financial incentive provided by the UK Government to attract
private companies like F&W Networks / Hey! Broadband to build brand new infrastructures. It’s a
unique opportunity for Storrington residents to secure a modern fibre network and keep up with
technological advances.
We will apply on your behalf, but we need the community’s support to make this scheme a success
so we can start building your new gigabit network as soon as 2022!
Don’t let Storrington fall behind. Once the network is built and live, you can connect your property if
you wish, at any time.
Please visit Hey! Broadband website for information on packages and prices!
Bringing full fibre home broadband to Storrington
Fast, reliable broadband that can allow everyone in the home to make the most of the internet has
been a dream for Storrington residents for some time – but thanks to internet service provider
Giganet, It’s about to become a reality.
Giganet will be investing around £3.6 million pounds into the area to install a full fibre broadband
network over a 15 month period, and will begin connecting their first customers in June.
A fast internet connection is vital for home working, online learning, video calling loved ones and
streaming games, movies and music. Across Storrington, many homes will be receiving postcards
informing them of the meticulous groundworks being conducted in their street and inviting them to
try full fibre for free.
For residents who find their existing broadband connections are often slow, unreliable and don’t live
up to expectations, the work to install a new network can’t come soon enough. Storrington has
largely been overlooked for reliable internet connectivity by the bigger providers.
Andrew Whitehorn, Regional Community Manager for Giganet said: “We’re offering something
completely new and different with our service, a reliable internet connection built directly to your
door with no installation fee, no automatic price rises after contract, guaranteed speeds and real
human UK based customer services.”
Currently rated ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot, Giganet are also providing home phone services, allowing
residents to fully move away from redundant telecoms technology before BT switch off the legacy
copper network in 2025.
If you want to find out when your property can get connected to full fibre, check your postcode on