Covid-19 vaccination centre licence extended

Mid Sussex District Council has extended a licence for the NHS to use the Clair Hall site in Haywards Heath as a Covid-19 vaccination centre.

The NHS has been vaccinating local residents against Covid-19 at the Clair Hall site since December 2020 and has delivered an incredible 194,000 jabs so far. The licence extension will enable the NHS to continue delivering this and other important health services on site. The new licence will run until February 2024.

GP Federation, Alliance for Better Care, has been running the vaccination programme at Clair Hall on behalf of local GP practices. The team aims to make full use of the space available and is now working with practices to provide extended primary care services from the site, alongside its ongoing vaccination provision.

“As the largest of our vaccination sites, Clair Hall has played an integral part in our programme,” said Katherine Saunders, CEO, Alliance for Better Care.

“We are grateful for all the support we have received from the Mid Sussex District Council, the volunteers and the local residents, and we’re delighted to build on these relationships going forward. We are pleased to now explore broadening the primary care services we will offer at the venue,”

The use of Clair Hall as a vaccination centre is a temporary measure and Mid Sussex District Council is continuing to explore all the options for providing new sustainable community facilities on the site for the benefit of local residents. The Council has agreed an evidence-based approach to look at how modern, multifunctional community facilities could be delivered on the Clair Hall site and this work is unaffected by the extension of the licence.

Councillor Jonathan Ash-Edwards, Leader of Mid Sussex District Council said:

“The NHS will have the use of Clair Hall for as long as they need, so they can continue their excellent work of protecting our community against Covid-19. They are doing a tremendous job of keeping us all safe and this licence extension will enable them to carry on with that work. I’m also really pleased to see the NHS looking at how they can provide additional primary care services alongside vaccinations to support the community’s health needs.

“Improvement of community facilities at Clair Hall is a key priority for the Council and our work on this project will continue while the NHS uses the hall.

“The vast majority of residents want to see modern, fit for purpose community facilities delivered on site and that’s something we’re keen to deliver. Work to consider all the potential options can take place alongside the valuable work of the NHS and we aim to have some exciting proposals for consideration later this year.”