Inspiring siblings complete 100 things challenge for local hospice  

6 year old Lottie, 5 year old Flora and 4 year old Harold challenged themselves to do 100 things to raise £100 for local charity St Catherine’s Hospice.

The young trio have smashed their fundraising target, raising more than £1,100. Now they hope their own, successful 100 challenges will inspire other people to do a challenge of their own to raise money for St Catherine’s.

Proud Mum Katie Graham spent four months working as a doctor at the local hospice during the height of the pandemic last year. She said the idea for the fundraiser came from her eldest daughter Lottie when they were talking about how the hospice costs money to run.

“Having worked there last year I was aware of the drop in fundraising income because of the pandemic” explains Katie. “My late mum, the children’s Grandma passed away in 2015 and was cared for by St Catherine’s. It was her birthday at the start of the January, so we were talking about how kind St Catherine’s had been looking after her and how it costs money to care for other people. Lottie decided she wanted to do a fundraiser with her brother and sister and they each chose their own 100 challenge.”

Lottie chose to run 100 laps around the family’s garden, Flora who enjoys baking decided to make 100 peppermint creams and Harold decided to write 100 alphabet letters.

Katie said, “Harold would be practising his handwriting anyway. He’s written mainly c and o’s but has enjoyed counting them all and has now achieved his 100 letters. Flora has successfully baked 100 peppermint creams which have all been eaten now! And Lottie recently completed her 100 laps after a short break because of the storms, the great thing about the 100 challenge is that you can do it at your own pace”

The inspiring trio have been well supported by their own friends, people from Mummy’s work and other family and friends. “They’ve been really excited seeing their fundraising total go up and they love reading the comments that people write with their donations,” said Katie. “When they raised £400, they couldn’t believe it! Seeing their fundraising go up has given them a real sense of achievement. They’ve now raised over £1,100 and as their Mum I’m so proud of them. It’s quite emotional seeing how proud they are of themselves as well. It’s given them a sense of worth and pride. Every parent wants their children to grow up to be kind and loving and seeing them do this for other people is quite sweet.

St Catherine’s is a very special place and they’ve helped so many people in our community. Most people know someone who’s been cared for by the hospice as it doesn’t only support people and their families with end of life care, but the teams provide symptom control to support people in the local community.”

The family say setting up and completing a challenge is easy to do and they’re encouraging others to take on their own challenge to raise money. “The great thing about it is it doesn’t have to be a massive challenge” explains Katie. “It can be anything you like so you can make it achievable or even something that you’re already doing. It’s an overwhelming, humbling feeling being able to help people you don’t know and benefit the community we live in. It’s so easy to set up your own challenge. I set ours up on my phone and sent out a JustGiving link on WhatsApp to ask for donations. You can do your challenge in memory of a loved one, like my children are doing for their Grandma and by doing it you’ll be helping other people who need it.”

Lisa Hepburn, Fundraising Assistant at St Catherine’s said, “We’re so grateful to Lottie, Flora, Harold and their family for supporting our hospice. Their challenges have been a huge success and we hope it will inspire some of you to complete your own challenge too. The children have raised an incredible amount that will help us care for more local families at the hospice and in their own homes. It’s care that their family has experienced, and that Katie has provided firsthand. It’s really touching that they want to make sure that others have that same care. Thank you Lottie, Flora and Harold.”

To make a donation to help Lottie, Flora and Harold raise even more for their local hospice please visit: