Where to try Vegan Food in Haywards Heath this Veganuary!

Residents wishing to try Vegan food in Haywards Heath can now find a list of independent shops and cafes with vegan goods on the Town Council’s website.

One resident has walked around the town visiting many of the independent shops and venues in Haywards Heath and was amazed to find such a large array of vegan food offerings that she didn’t know about! She has kindly compiled a list of these which we have now published on our website for anyone wanting to try vegan food in Haywards Heath.

A Town Council spokesperson commented:

“Its fantastic that we have such a vast array of vegan goods available in Haywards Heath for those wishing to try plant-based eating. In addition to this list, all of the major supermarkets stock vegan food and many of the Town’s restaurants and pubs have vegan menus to try.

January is a very popular time for many people to kick start their health drive and Veganuary gives them a brilliant way to try different healthy foods. Visit https://www.haywardsheath.gov.uk/Veganuary_41756.aspx to view the list of independent stockists of Vegan food in Haywards Heath or to find out more about Veganuary!


Please also note that Haywards Heath Town Council is only signposting the opportunities in line with the promotion of this annual challenge and is not directing residents to go vegan as we appreciate there are other dietary options available for all.”