Jeremy Quin MP visits new Discovery Hub at Warnham Local Nature Reserve

Jeremy Quin MP dropped in to see Horsham District Council’s new Discovery Hub at Warnham Local Nature Reserve today (7 January).

The Discovery Hub was declared open to the public at the end of October 2021 at the same time as the new Shelley Wildlife Garden.

The Discovery Hub is a multifunctional space for all visitors, young and old, to enjoy. Its unique octagonal design and floor to ceiling windows offer beautiful view across the Reserve’s Millpond. It provides an inspiring start to any visitor’s journey around the Reserve.

Inside the Discovery Hub, you’ll find:

* Information about the industrial, natural and social heritage of our nature reserve

* Interactive displays to educate and inform

* Details of recent sightings on the Reserve and what to look out for during your visit

* Ample space to accommodate lectures, events and group visits.

Surrounding the Discovery Hub is the Shelley Wildlife Garden, named after the iconic local poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, whose love of the environment has inspired its design. Also now fully open is the Heron’s Rest café.

Full details are available on the Warnham Local Nature Reserve webpage.