Christmas and New Year bin collections 2021

There will be no collections on the Christmas and Boxing Day Bank Holidays on 27 and 28 December 2021.

Collection operatives will be working on the New Year’s Day Bank Holiday on Monday 3 January, in addition to working additional Saturdays on 8 and 15 January to catch up. Collections will be back to the normal schedule week commencing 17 January.

Garden waste collections will be suspended over the festive period from week commencing 27 December and will resume on Tuesday 11 January with collection operatives collecting bins that were due on Monday 10 January.

Householders can view and download their own personalised collections calendar on the Bin calendar page of our website.

If you require assistance to view the online personalised collections calendar please ask a family member or you can request a printed version via our Customer Contact Centre by calling 01403 733144.

Resources will be redeployed to empty all dog bins and litter bins throughout the district during the Christmas week.

Coronavirus: How to dispose of your rubbish safely

Waste from households with possible cases of coronavirus (COVID-19), or from cleaning of areas where possible cases have been (including disposable cloths and tissues), should be dealt with as follows:

  • Place all waste in a plastic rubbish bag and tie it when full
  • The plastic bag should then be placed in a second bin bag and tied
  • The bag should be put in a suitable and secure place, away from children, for 72 hours
  • After waste has been stored for 72 hours it can be placed in the normal general waste bin.

Please do not put your waste in communal waste areas until negative test results are known or the waste has been stored for at least 72 hours.

Please help our crews by giving bin handles a wipe down after you place your bin out for collection.

Tips to recycle more this Christmas

Thanks to our residents recycling efforts, the Horsham district has achieved a recycling rate of 53% but we can do more to recycle and reduce waste!

It can be easy to buy more than you need in a weekly food shop, especially at Christmas. In fact, 40% of our rubbish is wasted food. That’s over 8,600 tonnes a year!

For hints and tips to reduce food waste visit the Love Food Hate Waste website.

Remember all of your cardboard packaging from home deliveries can be recycled in your blue-top bin but please remember to rip up large pieces of card as these can cause your recycling to become stuck in the bin. Plastic film, bubble wrap and polystyrene packaging cannot be accepted in your blue-top bins for recycling. Alternatively, why not buy gifts locally? This not only supports local businesses but reduces delivery miles and packaging.

No foil or glittery wrapping paper in your blue-top bins for recycling – do the scrunch test. If you can scrunch it and it doesn’t spring back it doesn’t contain plastic and can be recycled.

Christmas cards, corrugated cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes and plastic trays can all be recycled in your blue-top bin.