Warden Monthly Report
Southwater Parish Report October 2021
Patrol hours TOTAL: 92.50 ASB incidents TOTAL: 5
Foot (high visibility) 47.50 Noise 1
Vehicle 45.00 Neighbours 1
Notices/warnings TOTAL: 1 Driving/vehicles 1
Fixed Penalty Notice 0 Bikes/Skateboarder/Scooter 0
Yellow card warning 0 Alcohol/drugs 1
Community Protection Warning/Notice 0 Public order 1
Parking alert 1 Clear up/disposal reports TOTAL: 52
Police reports TOTAL: 6 Fly tipping / flyposting 4/0
Phone (including 101 and 999) 1 Graffiti 1
Email 0 Dog fouling 16
Intelligence report 0 Litter 7
E-CINS (multi-agency reporting) 0 Drug litter 5
Verbal 5 Hazards 19
Media reports TOTAL: 9 Community events attended 2
Press release / Community magazines 1 Reports to Operation Crackdown 3
Social Media 8 Safeguarding referral 0
Admin 50 School contact 2
Visits to vulnerable people (all ages) 4 Youth engagement 15
Signposting 4 Reports to DVLA 0
ASB/Crime/Criminal Damage
We routinely monitor crime reporting websites for information about suspicious activity, people and vehicles
enabling us to understand and respond to emerging trends. Please report all crimes to Sussex Police as follows:
If you witness acts of violence, verbal abuse, drug taking, irresponsible alcohol use or damage to property please
report it to Sussex Police or anonymously to Crime Stoppers (independent charity) on 0800 555 111 or visit their
ASB (Youth)
We are pleased to report that, at the time of writing, the number and severity of youth related ASB incidents in
Southwater has improved greatly this month.
5 October we received a report of verbal abuse being directed at a council worker and the matter was reported to
the police.
14 October we received a complaint from a resident of Mulberry Fields reporting anti-social behaviour being
committed by three young children breaking in to the building site, throwing objects and verbally abusing residents.
We are working with residents and our local Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) to address this issue.
ASB (Adult)
We were approached for advice by two local residents in relation to a developing neighbour dispute where they
were feeling harassed. In conjunction with the Police, site visits were made and words of advice offered in order to
de-escalate the situation and ensure that residents could peacefully go about their lives.
Guidance suggests that, if you are in dispute with your neighbours, you initially attempt to resolve the issues by
talking to them and explaining the negative impact they are having on you. If you feel unable to take this route, it
may require the intervention of the Police or help from a specific Local Authority department such as Environmental
Health & Licensing or Building Control. Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Mediation Service for advice by
phone on 0300 200 0025 or via their website at
On 13 October whilst on a morning patrol, we located an intoxicated adult male in Lintot Square. Although, not
being offensive, his manner was erratic and residents did not want to engage with him when he randomly
approached them. We monitored the situation, encouraged him to move on and were able to offer reassurance to
those who appeared concerned.
On 26 October we received reports of a car driving around late at night. The occupants lit and threw a number of
loud fireworks into the street. If anyone managed to see the registration for the suspect vehicle, please get in touch.
• Assault
We have been made aware of a violent incident that occurred on 3 October near Southwater Sports Club
resulting in arrests being made. As this is part of an ongoing Police investigation, it would be inappropriate for
us to comment further.
02/10 We became aware of a vehicle which had been parked for several days outside the Children & Family Centre.
Enquiries suggested that it did not have a valid MOT or Road Tax so we reported the vehicle to Operation
Crackdown. The vehicle has since been moved.
10/10 We were alerted to an illegally parked commercial van at the entrance to Southwater Country Park. A Parking
Charge Notice had already been issued but the vehicle remained in situ so we contacted the company who
confirmed that it was not stolen and was awaiting recovery. The vehicle has since been moved.
11/10 Having monitored a commercial van that had been parked in a rural road for a number of days without
moving, we contacted the company to alert them in case it had been stolen and the matter was resolved.
15/10 Having monitored a private vehicle parked for several days near Southwater Business Park without moving,
we made enquiries and established that the vehicle was registered as SORN but as it is parked on a public highway,
the vehicle was reported to Operation Crackdown and has since been Taxed.
25/10 Parking alert issued for a vehicle obstructing a dropped kerb in Cedar Drive.
Fly tipping/littering/graffiti
• Fly Tipping
This month we have identified and reported 3 incidents of fly tipping:
02/10 Shipley Road – Rubble and pallets collected and disposed of by HDC
07/10 Bar Lane – Commercial waste illegally deposited on private land – Landowner to remove
21/10 Fulfords Hill – Domestic integral oven collected and disposed of by HDC
If you witness fly tipping, please call Sussex Police and if possible provide them with the registration of the
offending vehicle and subsequently any relevant dash cam footage you may have. You can also later report it
direct to HDC at:
Warning letters have also been sent by HDC to a number of homes in the village in relation to the inappropriate
disposal of their waste directing them to utilise the waste recycling facilities available, including kerbside battery
collection and textile/small electricals collection:
• Fly Posting
Nothing to report
• Litter
If you would like your own equipment so that you can litter pick in an area local to your home at a time which
suits you, Horsham District Council will support you with appropriate equipment through the Adopt a Street
Alternatively, if you would like to litter pick as part of a group, these are regularly organised by resident Helen
Mole and will be advertised on the Southwater Community Partnership and Southwater Village Community
Group Facebook pages.
Single-use Plastic Recycling Scheme
The Sussex Green Living Recycling Scheme has single-use plastic recycling drop-off points in the local area,
including Horsham and Barns Green. These points accept many items such as crisp/biscuit wrappers, pet food
pouches etc that cannot go into household recycling bins.
More information is available here:

Single-use plastics

The group is actively looking for volunteers in Southwater to help with the set-up of a single-use plastic
recycling hub in Southwater. If you are interested in helping please enquire via this link:

Recycling enquiries

• Drugs Litter
As previously reported, part of our role is to monitor drug usage, safely remove/dispose of drugs paraphernalia
and liaise with partner agencies to target specific resources to tackle usage within the parish. It is clear from the
data collected over the last two years that our intelligence led disruption strategy has contributed to a
considerable decrease in number of reported incidents of drugs litter. In the main, evidence shows that Class B
drugs such as Cannabis still dominate usage statistics in the parish but on rare occasions, we have found
evidence of Class A usage as well.
• Graffiti
We had one reported incident of graffiti this month at Christ Hospital. We attended and removed it.
You can always report the above problems direct to Horsham District Council via their website:
Community engagement/events/meetings
• 16 October we held one of our regular Warden Drop-In sessions outside Beeson House, Lintot Square. These
events are designed to enable residents to meet us in person, discuss concerns or offer solutions. This month
we were joined by Councillor Lewis and PCSOs Damian Cecil and Andy Reed.
Patrols (foot/visible and car)
• We continued patrols of local businesses designed to disrupt shoplifting, ASB and improve engagement.
• We continued to provide high visibility patrols both on foot and in a liveried vehicle throughout the Parish.
Older, Vulnerable People and Youth
Half-term Talking Tent
During half-term we held a ‘Talking Tent’ event at Lintot Square on Weds 27 October. As with the ‘Talking Tents’ in
the summer, the aim was to provide a focal point for young people and their care givers to come and access
information about Mental Health and be signposted as appropriate to local support services, online support and
useful apps. This was also another excellent opportunity in addition to our monthly drop-ins to engage with local
residents about topical issues.
WBC Cares UK – Free Boxing Sessions
One of the initiatives from Project Southwater is the delivery of FREE boxing sessions by WBC Cares UK programme
( in partnership with Horsham District Council at The Ghyll, every Thursday between
4-5pm for young people aged 12-16. Attendance is by referral.
For further information or to make a referral please contact:
Jacquie Cave 07789943156 or Dominic Woodhead 07789943193
Angie Choat at Southwater Youth Project
11 October we saw an adult male sitting alone on a bench with his head in his hands. We approached him and had a
brief chat confirming that he was alright and was not in need of additional support services.
15 October we met with a young man currently sleeping in his car who we had previously engaged with. In our last
report, we were please to say that he had been offered a job locally which included accommodation but sadly, this
fell through. We have reactivated our contact with Turning Tides who provide a range of homeless support services.
Every year they accommodate over 200 homeless people and strive to achieve complete pathways out of
homelessness so are well placed to support him.
• Nothing to report
Dog related issues
We were alerted by a resident to an unsupervised dog in Shipley Rd, whilst en-route to assist, we were informed that
the dog had been reunited with its owner.
If you find a dog roaming free and not being supervised, you may wish to consider reporting it to Environmental
Health by email . As with any other incident involving an immediate threat
to human or animal life, please call 999.
• This month we have not had to request any cyclist/electric scooter riders to dismount in Lintot Square.
Parish specific/other
• Public Enquiries
This month we responded to 15 enquiries from residents by phone, email or in person which included issues of:
inconsiderate parking on Cedar Drive, overgrowing vegetation on a footpath, an unsupervised dog and speeding
vehicles on Cripplegate Lane and Mill Straight.
• Hazards
Throughout the month we have cleared, remedied or reported 19 hazards ranging from dog waste, objects likely
to cause trips/falls or injury, foliage obstructing footpaths and other waste or obstructions.
• Meetings
SPC Steering Group – Anti-Social Behaviour Meeting
We met with the Parish Clerk and Steering Group lead to discuss a recent incident and prevention and safety
Cycling UK – Bike Revival Event
We met with Peter Shaw of Velo Square (Mobile bike repairs/maintenance) to discuss planning for two bike safety
repair events to take place in November/December. This is a Cycling UK/DfT initiative to encourage people to start
using their old bikes again safely and will offer a free 30 minute bike safety check/repair.
Project Southwater
Attendance at Project Southwater meeting. This is a multi-agency consortium (HDC/SPC/Sussex Police/Southwater
Youth Project and local community groups) set up to improve youth provision in Southwater parish on an ongoing
long-term basis. The ultimate aim is that Southwater residents and community groups will take ownership of the
project; to establish a youth voice strategy, listen to the concerns of young people and consider their needs to
provide a wide range of activities and support for all young residents in the parish.
As part of this initiative we will be offering safety sessions to all current year 6s at both of Southwater’s primary
schools and will initially be delivering these to the four Yr6 classes at the Junior Academy during November and early
To find out more about Project Southwater and to get involved yourself please visit the Project Southwater stand at
the Christmas Festival on Saturday 27 November.
West Sussex Fire and Rescue
We met with representatives of West Sussex Fire and Rescue to update on youth ASB with regard to fire-setting and
to discuss ideas for future collaborative working and community events.
SPC Steering Group
Attendance at bi-monthly Steering Group with Steering Group members and HDC Warden Supervisor to track our
progress against key performance indicators and discuss future community initiatives.
Social Media/Press
Southwater Parish News
We are posting regular articles to the Southwater Parish News website and printed magazine and it is proving to be
an excellent medium for reaching out to residents who are less mobile in the community and/or do not use the
internet. Our latest article is about the free weekly boxing sessions (see above).
The website edition of the magazine can be seen here:
Social Media
We regularly post items of our work on the Horsham District Neighbourhood Wardens’ Twitter and Facebook Page
and share to the Southwater Village Community Group: and Twitter:

Monthly Report
If you know of someone who would be interested in reading our monthly report, but they do not have access to, or
use the internet, please contact us and we will arrange for a printed copy to be delivered to them: Jacquie Cave – 07789943156 Dominic Woodhead – 07789943193
ASB: Anti-social behaviour.
E-CINS: Online confidential multi-agency sharing of caseloads.
HDC: Horsham District Council
Operation Crackdown: Joint initiative with Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and Sussex Police to report abandoned
vehicles or anti-social driving.
PCSO: Police Community Support Officer
PSPO: Public Spaces Protection Order – Intended to deal with a particular nuisance or problem in a particular area
that is detrimental to the local community’s quality of life.
SPC: Southwater Parish Council
WSCC: West Sussex County Council