Council Leader pledges support to find shelter for Afghan refugees

Horsham District Council has pledged support for the Government’s emerging programme to house refugees fleeing turmoil in Afghanistan.

In response to the current crisis the Government is launching a new resettlement scheme for refugees aimed at helping those most in need, particularly women, girls and those who have been helping British operations in the country.

Leader of Horsham District Council Cllr Paul Clarke, said the authority is ready to step up to find accommodation for those evacuated after the Taliban swept to power in the wake of US military withdrawal from the country last week.

Cllr Clarke said:

The images emerging from Afghanistan at the moment are tragic, and we, as a Council, are committed to doing everything within our power and resources we have available  to provide refugees with a home, and support for them to resettle within their new communities.

We are working in close partnership with West Sussex County Council to participate as fully as we can with the Government’s resettlement scheme.

We want to take every possible opportunity to help our fellow humans in crisis, hoping to offer refugees in need a better life while they cannot remain in their homeland.

For refugees being accommodated across the Horsham District, the Horsham Refugee Support Group will be available to give help and support to individuals and families where needed. The group is a small volunteer led organisation working with refugees or asylum seekers in Horsham District, linking in with West Sussex County Council and Horsham District Council.

They have a team of volunteers who offer befriending services and support with learning English.  They keep in contact with groups and individuals across the District to get them involved when needs arise.  They deliver talks and presentations to those who want to know more about refugees and how to support them locally.

For more information about the group, please visit the Horsham Refugee Support Group website.