Update on Policing and Anti-Social Behaviour in Southwater from SPC

Southwater Parish Councillors recently met with the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner to discuss, amongst other matters the recent spate of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity that has occurred in the Parish. The Councillors made a case for having at the least a permanent PCSO in the village supported by officers from Sussex Police. The Crime Commissioner was receptive to our concerns and has agreed to discuss the matter with the Chief Constable.
Since that meeting, and because of a request for an urgent meeting following the incident in the Country Park car park, Councillor Lewis had met with two supervisors from the Neighbourhood Policing Team to discuss the concerns of the residents and the way forward to address these issues. Southwater Parish a council would like to reassure residents that we are working on their behalf to address the recent problems and will continue to do so until the situation improves. It has to be stated that it is not appropriate to use social media to discuss individual cases, or action being taken by the Police as this could jeopardise investigations. It is not always the case that nothing is being done, and it is also important that residents support the Police by providing evidence where possible which could assist in any judicial proceedings. Sussex Police are keen to address these problems with further meetings and discussions scheduled to take place. If anyone wishes to discuss this matter in more detail, please contact Councillor Steve Lewis at Steven.lewis@cllr.Southwater-pc.gov.uk