Application for a 5th Tennis Court

On 3 March 2021, Council considered a request from Billingshurst Tennis Club for landlord’s consent to construct a 5th court at Lower Station Road Recreation Ground (Minute: 31/21 refers).

Due to concerns about the suggested position, the Council resolved that the request be declined, but the Tennis Club be encouraged to resubmit revised proposals following consultation with the Billingshurst Show Committee and Billingshurst Scouts & Guides (being the most affected parties).  Residents/User Groups had also been encouraged to send in their responses and these can be viewed by clicking the link HERE

The Tennis Club then submitted a new proposal for the court in a revised location. Whilst the Billingshurst Show Committee had no objection, the Scouts & Guides continued to object.  On 5th May 2021, Council resolved to grant landlord’s consent for the provision of a 5th tennis court by the Tennis Club in the revised location. (Minute: 49/21 refers).

S127(3) of the Local Government Act 1972, states A [parish] council may not dispose under subsection (1) above of any land consisting or forming part of an open space unless before disposing of the land, they cause notice of their intention to do so, specifying the land in question, to be advertised in two consecutive weeks in a newspaper circulating in the area in which the land is situated, and consider any objections to the proposed disposal which may be made to them.  Adverts were placed and comments received are available to view HERE

The responses were sent to Councillors prior to the Full Council meeting which was held on 14 July where the Council determined the disposal of land at Lower Station Road Recreation Ground to the Billingshurst Tennis Club.  The minutes of this meeting will be available shortly by clicking the link HERE