Comments and Allegations by Residents on Social Media – SPC Statement in Response

Following on from the Council’s previous statement with respect to the recent allegations and comments targeting Councillors on social media we are pleased to see the allegations have now been removed or deleted.  These remarks are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  The Parish Council and its members operate by the Standing Orders, Members Code of Conduct and within the law. The Council and its members are also closely monitored by the principal authority and its Monitoring Officer and by its independent Internal Auditor and External Auditor.  If you have reason to believe a member has acted in a manner that breaches the law or the Code of Conduct, then it is important that you report this to the principal authority (Horsham District Council) and make a complaint that you believe there to be a breach of the Code of Conduct rather than make allegations on social media.  The Council will not tolerate unfounded allegations made on social media and will instigate proceedings against individuals for libellous defamation. This statement does not preclude any legal action being privately instigated by the party or parties mentioned in the targeted Councillors.