Local Schools Competition Tackles Parking Sssues

School pupils across the Horsham District were asked to play their part in promoting safe parking recently, when Horsham District Council’s Parking Services team launched a district-wide schools’ poster competition.

Pupils got busy to create colourful posters highlighting the negative impacts of dangerous parking in the vicinity of their schools.

The overall winning school was St Mary’s Church of England School in Pulborough.

The pupils’ colourful posters have now been recreated as A-boards and signs to be placed around schools in local communities, encouraging people to be more considerate when they are parking their cars.

Horsham District Council Cabinet Member for Housing and Public Protection Cllr Tricia Youtan commented:

It’s great to hear of young people taking action to improve safety for others and actively challenging adults to be more responsible.

I thank all the pupils who took part in this praiseworthy competition to raise awareness of this parking issue. I’m sure that their imaginative posters will encourage drivers to be more mindful of other road users, pedestrians and residents.

Parking in the vicinity of schools, especially at drop off and pick up times can be troublesome for parents, residents and the emergency services, if they need to gain vital access to surrounding roads.

The Council’s Parking Services team works in conjunction with our Neighbourhood Wardens to help ensure safe parking.

If you would like to discuss parking issues or concerns, you can contact our Parking Services team at parking@horsham.gov.uk