Recent Incident In Lintot Square

Like the residents of Southwater, Councillors and Officers of Southwater Parish Council (SPC) are appalled at the incident which occurred in and around Lintot Square on Sunday. We wish the victim a full and speedy recovery.

It is essential that our community works with the police, our wardens and other agencies, to help them investigate. If you or others have information, please share with either the police or our wardens.

It is important not jump to conclusions and make statements which are based on speculation and have no basis in fact. The Police are leading the investigation and continuing with their enquiries and it is they who will comment on the case in due course.

There is an ongoing multi-agency involvement addressing the recent anti-social behaviour in Southwater. These include The Police, HDC and Youth Services. Our MP Jeremy Quin is aware and has raised the issue with the police.

Our Community Wardens are making great progress in building dialogue with some of the young people in the area, and recent criticism of the Wardens on social media is both unfounded and detrimental. SPC will continue in the effort of engagement to ensure that Southwater is a safe, healthy, and enjoyable place to live and urge our residents to work with us to achieve this.

In conclusion we would ask that residents refrain from speculating on such incidents as not only can it hamper investigations, it can also cause distress to others in the community.